OccupyLA uncovers inconvenient truths about Trutanich

From the Los Angeles Dragnet: Carmen Trutanich’s plan to use his position as Los Angeles City Attorney to sue OccupyLA protesters and bolster his campaign to become District Attorney, may have backfired even before it has started.

Is OccupyLA looking at Trutanich as the 1% candidate?

In what appears to be a response from the OccupyLA movement to Trutanich’s threat to bankrupt the protesters over the costs of the clean-up at City Hall, the OccupyLA website has started taking a look at where Trutanich is raising money, and why.

OccupyLA discovered that Trutanich is taking campaign donations from big money interests who rival to AEG’s plans to establish a world-class convention center and football stadium in downtown LA. AEG’s Farmers Field development would bring thousands of jobs to LA, but it seems Trutanich ‘likes the money’ of rival developers who want to locate the football stadium outside the City of Los Angeles in the City of Industry.

According to the OccupyLA website: “Among the many names listed, I found several executives (and one spouse) of real estate development and construction firms that made individual contributions to Trutanich’s campaign.”

John Burroughs
Construction Manager, Commerce Construction Co.
Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 Exploratory Committee

Jakob Ackermann
Director and Chairman of Commerce Construction Co LP, Majestic Realty Co.
Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 Exploratory Committee

Gayle Garner Roski
Artist, Wife of Edward P. Roski Jr
Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 Exploratory Committee

Edward P. Roski
President of Majestic Realty; Rated #163 on The Forbes’s 400 Richest Americans with a net worth of approximately $2.5 billion
Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 Exploratory Committee

“It so happens that Edward P. Roski’s Majestic Realty Co. (along with Commerce Construction Co.) is also at work on its own stadium project in the City of Industry.” OccupyLA reports.

Trutanich has a long and bitter history with AEG. In 2009, Trutanich publicly accused AEG of ‘criminal aspects’ to their handling of the Michael Jackson memorial. The fiasco over Trutanich’s year-long ‘criminal aspects’ investigation has been well documented; it appears to have been nothing more than a cheap political stunt. But the bad blood between AEG and Trutanich may well explain why the former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician is so keen make friends with AEG’s enemies, even if it costs the City of LA much needed jobs and sales tax revenue.

One thing does appear to be certain. Trutanich’s attempt to generate publicity for his DA campaign by persecuting the OccupyLA protesters has caused them to turn their attention on him. In the process, the OccupyLA movement could well turn into his worst nightmare as they fuel the awkward questions about who is willing to pay Trutanich to become District Attorney, and why.

Trutanich might not like the ballot designation ‘The 1% Candidate’ that OccupyLA may award him, but he certainly looks like earning it.

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The Trutanich Scandals – JudgeGate

The Los Angeles Dragnet begins a series of articles focusing on the scandals of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. JudgeGate, the first in our series, focuses in on the unethical and deceptive way Trutanich tried to mislead voters into voting for a deputy city attorney who was rated as  ‘unqualified’ to be a judge.

When deputy city attorney Thomas Griego asked Trutanich to endorse his candidacy to become a superior court judge, it seems that Trutanich was willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to help Griego.

Griego had little, if no criminal experience. He had been the chief of staff for disgraced former city councilmember Mike Hernandez, who was arrested in 1997 on narcotics charges. Perhaps as a political favor, Griego was allowed to join the City Attorney’s office and  spent the bulk of his time in obscure civil assignments associated with councilmember needs.

It was hardly a winning resume for Griego who was pitched in the judicial election against a career hardcore gang prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office – Alan Schneider.

Trutanich nevertheless transferred Griego to the criminal division for the sole reason that Griego could use the misleading ballot designation ‘criminal prosecutor’ to improve his chances of winning. At the time, Trutanich was busy transferring deputy city attorneys out of the criminal division, so the Griego transfer had no other palpable explanation. Even a skilled liar like Trutanich would be hard put to come up with a plausible lie to cover his role in a conspiracy to mislead voters.

That Trutanich would be a party to such a deception surprised even his closest supporters as the Los Angeles County Bar Association had rated Griego as ‘Not Qualified’ to be a judge. Trutanich must have been counting on using his political capital to overcome Griego’s shortcomings, hoping that the  ‘halo’ effect of the early days of the Trutanich administration would overcome any negatives.

Insiders speculated that Trutanich had previously promised to support Griego as a payback for getting Griego to use his political connections in the Latino community to support Trutanich’s city attorney campaign, and Trutanich was simply ‘honoring’ a backroom political deal.

Whatever the reasoning behind Trutanich’s deal with the devil, he was wrong. The Metropolitan News-Enterprise published a stinging review of Griego’s candidacy during which Griego was forced to admit that he had not actually prosecuted a single criminal case since launching his faux candidacy.

Griego ultimately lost his bid to become a judge and Trutanich is believed to have then quietly transferred him back to his old job.

Backroom Deal or Self-Promotion?
Whether Trutanich was indeed honoring an illegal backroom deal he made to garner the support of Griego for his city attorney campaign, or whether Trutanich was simply trying to enhance his own status by marking himself as a ‘judge maker,’ remains a dark secret known only to Trutanich. In all likelihood the truth probably lies somewhere between the two possibilities.

Mafia-style power plays
In the world of organized crime, crime bosses are believed to enhance their power and reputation by ‘holding their hands up’ for crime associates, thereby helping to ‘make’ a new member of the crime syndicate’s inner circle. Trutanich could have been engaging in similar conduct to boost his power and influence if had he been able to ‘make’ Griego a judge.

Political payback
The payback for Trutanich would be not only that he would have a judge who owes him a favor, but also that Trutanich could parlay his new role as a ‘judge maker’ to exact favors from others who want his endorsement. It is sleazy politics at best, illegal at worst, but it’s a practice that Trutanich seemed perfectly comfortable with having never offered the public any explanation for his conduct.

Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse
Trutanich’s failure to ‘make’ Griego has not, apparently, deterred the City Attorney from using the promise of future favors in return for political support. Trutanich faces overwhelming opposition from the 1,000 deputy district attorneys who do not want Trutanich to be their next boss. They have seen the way that in the two years since becoming City Attorney, Trutanich’s crass policies have decimated the City Attorney’s office with layoffs, pay cuts and work furloughs. Trutanich has not taken a pay cut and has used a variety of ruses to similarly protect a few key staff. But for the vast majority of deputy city attorneys, Trutanich has been a disaster both financially and professionally.

Deputy district attorney promised promotion
Faced with such an miserable record as a leader, Trutanich has nevertheless been reaching out to deputy district attorneys to garner their support for his bid to become their boss. It is understood that at least one supervisor has been promised ‘a Grade 5 spot’ if she will support Trutanich for DA.

The promotion of supervisor to a Grade V position is understood to be almost exclusively the prerogative of the elected District Attorney, and subject to few civil service rules. This lends credibility Trutanich’s promises, but when viewed in the light of the way he failed to follow through with similar promotion promises as City Attorney, it is more than likely that the supervisor will not be promoted and, of course, be unable to complain about it.

Bureau of Investigations courted with promises
Trutanich is also believed to have been making similar promotion promises to District Attorney Investigators in the Bureau of Investigation. Trutanich is desperate to obtain the support of the law enforcement branch of the DA’s Office both through individual investigators who have been tapped for promotion and by courting the endorsement of their union. It is an endeavor that stretches and tests loyalties.

The former Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Investigation, Gary Schram, now works for Trutanich’s DA campaign as well as supervising Trutanich’s cash-strapped investigators. Schram was promised his own Bureau with full law enforcement status when he joined the City Attorney’s Office as one of Trutanich’s ‘at will’ employees. However, that also proved to be another of Trutanich’s failed promises with Schram now seemingly fully occupied with using his contacts to promote Trutanich’s ambition to be DA.

Nevertheless, Schram has apparently remained convinced that Trutanich will eventually deliver on his promise and instead appoint him as Chief of the DA’s Office Bureau of Investigation if Trutanich becomes DA. Unfortunately for Schram, Trutanich is believed to have made the same promise to several others in the Bureau as well as to senior officers at both the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department.

All in all, Trutanich’s concentration on making false promises and engaging in cheap grandstanding rather than doing the job he said I am here to do, will likely result in his overwhelming defeat in the June 2012 primary election.

For Trutanich, the political defeat will be humbling, but will likely be followed with his rapid return to private practice as an ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney and lobbyist with strong connections to City Hall. For those foolish enough to believe his promises, perhaps they should put a higher store on their credibility and reputation that Trutanich seemingly puts on his.

The Trutanich scandals series will continue next week.


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The Trutanich Scandals – ‘Criminal Aspects’Gate

In our continuing series focusing on the Trutanich Scandals, we turn our attention this week to the efforts the former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician has used to get his name into the press.

City Attorney Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich against the backdrop of the 'Criminal Aspects' scandal

It didn’t take long for LA’s newly elected City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich, to establish himself as a grandstander of the first order. Despite earlier assurances that he was committed to staying out of the limelight, that he did not want to see my name in the press,” barely days into office the media-needy Trutanich was desperately seeking headlines over the death of Michael Jackson.

Trutanich was sworn into office on July 1, 2009, six days after Jackson’s death and amid world wide media attention. On July 7, that attention focused on downtown Los Angeles, shut down for a memorial service at the Staples Center. Trutanich made his move to gain a piece of the action. While the real story was the cause of Jackson’s death, Trutanich must have seen an opportunity for a side show that would boost his profile; an investigation into the costs of the memorial service.

Although such an investigation would more properly be the domain of the newly elected City Controller, Wendy Greuel, Trutanich was already planning to renege on a promise he made to her (and the former Controller, Laura Chick), over an investigation of the City Attorney’s Office. Trutanich perhaps felt he could take the sting out of what many saw as the first of his many lies, by marginalizing the Controller’s Office with his own, crass and ill-conceived ‘criminal aspects’ investigation into the costs of the memorial.

So it was that on July 21, 2009, two weeks after the memorial service, Trutanich called a special meeting of the Los Angeles City Council to announce the results of his two-week ‘investigation.’ Trutanich’s investigation was apparently complete. At least complete enough for him to ‘go public.’ He had cracked the case, solved the mystery, and was going to show what a powerful and effective force he was going to be in Los Angeles.

While the world watched as Trutanich stumbled his way through a prepared speech, he left little doubt that AEG, the operators of the Staples Center and LA Live, were the targets of his witch-hunt ‘investigation.’

After forgetting the correct title for Councilmember Dennis Zine, Trutanich stated that “The City Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations is continuing to actively review the events leading up to the events held at the Staples Center and at LA Live venues downtown. My investigators have already interviewed numerous witnesses and gathered significant evidence. We are still collecting information and developing a time-line of events and we are identifying the key players involved. To that extent I invite other, others to also come forward and to provide additional information and documents relating to this matter, by contacting our office.”

Pausing, perhaps for effect, with a wry smile, Trutanich then dropped the bombshell.

Trutanich clearly enjoys the moment that he drops the bombshell

“Our investigation has taken an unanticipated turn that raises both civil and criminal aspects,” Trutanich said to a stunned audience. Criminal aspects were the words Trutanich used to say, without saying, that a crime or crimes had occurred.

Trutanich, citing “ethical considerations” and the need to “preserve the integrity of the investigation,” refused to provide any details of the so-called ‘criminal aspects.’  “I do not want to publicly discus any matters that could potentially jeopardize the effectiveness of our ongoing investigation,” Trutanich read from his statement.

Trutanich’s use of a weighty, slow and deliberate delivery, mixed with innuendo and allusion to matters that ‘must remain secret’ pending his ‘investigation’ were sufficient to convince most viewers that Trutanich had substantial evidence necessary to prosecute a criminal case.  It was a style, however, that some may have remembered from a dark time in American history, perhaps best forgotten; the McCarthy era.

History repeating itself? Trutanich copies McCarthy's style perfectly

Fifty-five years after Sen. Joseph McCarthy used innuendo, rumor and half-truths in the court of public opinion to promote himself, it certainly must appeared to some that Trutanich was using those very same techniques to promote his political career.

Some question Trutanich’s evidence
While the City Council, the media and the court of public opinion seemed all too ready to accept Trutanich’s statements as gospel, some perhaps remembered a time long past, when McCarthy grabbed the headlines on a daily basis with nothing but rumor and innuendo.

Could it be that Trutanich was doing the same thing? Could it be that Trutanich’s ‘so-called Bureau of Investigations’ (which basically existed in name only), had no real evidence of any crime? Was Trutanich just operating on a ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ theory of guilt? Certainly, as long as Trutanich was able to refuse to comment on so-called ‘ethical’ grounds as to the status of his investigation, Trutanich could give the impression that he had more than goose eggs.

The Los Angeles Daily News smells a rat
One reporter at least, wasn’t buying what Trutanich was selling. Rick Orlov at the Los Angeles Daily News has the gravitas and experience to smell a rat. He was not prepared to accept Trutanich’s allegations at face value. Orlov stated that “Trutanich’s vague comments about the Jackson inquiry puzzled observers, and criminologists and defense attorneys struggled to see the possibilities of a criminal case.”

There’s no evidence of any crime
Orlov tracked down prominent criminal defense attorney James E. Blatt Esq., who told the Daily News that “I don’t see any criminal liability with AEG.” Orlov also sought an opinion from Lewis Yablonsky, an emeritus professor in criminology at California State University, Northridge. Yablonsky concurred, saying “To me, it’s kind of a fiasco,” “but I don’t see anything criminal about it.”

Despite Orlov, Blatt and Yablonsky’s doubts, Trutanich continued to maintain that his investigation had uncovered some kind of smoking gun, some dark and dirty dealings that had criminally cost the City millions of dollars, perhaps as much as six million dollars.

Trutanich managed to dodge and deflect questions about his witch-hunt investigation for almost a year. By then, perhaps, the City Council had realized that Trutanich had nothing. There had been no criminal case filed by Trutanich, who has a one-year statute of limitations to file a misdemeanor case. Equally, Trutanich’s ‘buddy’ and former supporter, District Attorney Steve Cooley, apparently had not filed a felony case arising from Trutanich’s elusive ‘criminal aspects’ investigation.

District Attorney’s Office likely rejected the case
Although it is not known whether Trutanich in fact referred the case to his then ally Cooley for the filing of a felony case, Trutanich frequently boasted about ‘walking cases over to his friend Steve Cooley.’ Indeed, he is believed to have threatened to do just that when he threatened to arrest Councilmember Jan Perry over a different matter also concerning AEG.

Whether Trutanich did indeed present the ‘criminal aspects’ case to Cooley and subsequently received a sound rejection or ‘declination’ is a matter that will likely remain cloaked in secrecy. However, given the way Trutanich used to brag about his relationship with the District Attorney, that is, in all probability, what occurred.

Trutanich moves for a Grand Jury investigation
Stuck with an ‘investigation’ that likely had all the ‘criminal aspects’ of a dead sheep (and stank as much) Trutanich started lobbying for a Grand Jury. Grand Jury proceedings, could, perhaps, keep the ‘criminal aspects’ allegation on life support for long enough for Trutanich to find a way out of the mess he appeared to have gotten himself into. It was a move straight out of the McCarthy playbook providing more innuendo, rumor, speculation and feeding what had become apparent to an increasing number of observers; an overwhelming need for self-aggrandizement.

In what many regard as a rare moment of decisiveness on the part of the City Council, Trutanich’s plans for a Grand Jury were soundly rejected. An attempt to end-run the City Council by using a State Assembly Bill moved by Trutanich’s political ally Gil ‘One Bill’ Cedillo was similarly killed off.

Trutanich’s BS finally hits the fan
Trutanich was likely forced to drop his ‘criminal aspects’ fiasco as it became increasingly apparent that he was firing blanks. AEG, for their part, had waited patiently for Trutanich to either file the threatened criminal case, or have the humility to apologize for his rash, foolish and seemingly unfounded allegations.

But Trutanich was apparently both unable to file a criminal case or have the decency to apologize for his poor judgment. So it was that on June 18, 2010, the LA Times reported that Councilmembers Dennis Zine and Jan Perry stepped in to bring some closure to what had become a major embarrassment to the City.

AEG and Michael Jackson’s estate would make a $1.3M donation towards the costs the City incurred in ensuring public safety at the Michael Jackson memorial. As Orlov at the Daily News also reported, there was no announcement or explanation from Trutanich. No press release, no photo op, no media gathering, and of course no apology.

Trutanich also accepts ‘donation’ from AEG
In what was, perhaps, a surprising, if not shocking, post script to what some might think was Trutanich’s crass and foolish attempt to grandstand and play to the media with an empty hand, Trutanich also accepted a ‘donation’ from AEG. It was not, however, a donation towards the unknown costs of his year-long ‘criminal aspects’ investigation.

City Ethics Commission records show the 'donation' Trutanich accepted after his investigation was dropped

The gift Trutanich accepted was rather more of a personal nature; a bunch of tickets to a Lady Gaga concert at AEG’s LA Live Nokia Theater. Under City Ethics Commission rules, Trutanich was forced to report the gift to his Officeholder Committee, and probably hoped it would go unnoticed months after his investigation disappeared without a trace.

Trutanich’s BS continues
Despite having no comment on June 18, 2010 when his ‘criminal aspects’ investigation was finally seen for the bully tactics” AEG’s CEO Tim Leiweke had called it, Trutanich nevertheless appears to be trying to re-invent history.

Buried in a March 23, 2011 budget briefing report, Trutanich claims that his office was involved in negotiating a $1M donation to the City’s General Fund from AEG. He does not mention the Lady Gaga tickets, but he might as well, both statements are equally laughable.

That anyone with any shred of common sense would believe that Trutanich, who has never been shy of the media, would have missed out on the June 18, 2010 opportunity to claim credit for the settlement with AEG, perhaps just shows how little regard Trutanich has for the common sense of the public. Both LA’s leading newspapers covered the settlement, and Trutanich had no comment. Yet nine months later, there he is silently sneaking his claim to fame in a document that might have better use in the bathroom.

Trutanich appears to rely on that old political ploy, “Are you going to believe me, or would you rather believe your own lying eyes?” Perhaps he believes that voters have short memories and lack the capacity to connect the dots. But Trutanich’s history of threats, accusations, misleading statements, innuendo and outright lies are too well documented.

This is the second installment in our Trutanich Scandals series. Thankfully, there is no shortage of material for our next installment.

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Does Trutanich plan to bankrupt Occupy LA protesters?

(Originally reported at the Los Angeles Dragnet)

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is ‘going for the jugular’ in his need to promote himself as the tough-on-freedom-of-speech candidate for Los Angeles District attorney. Journalist ​Bethania Palma, who was arrested when she joined the Occupy LA movement,  accused City Attorney Carmen Trutanich of “going for the jugular” with Occupy protesters, according to the LA Weekly.

After spending two days in jail, the former San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group reporter was not offered the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction by participating in Trutanich’s ‘re-education’ program. Other Occupiers have, apparently, can avoid a criminal conviction by being re-educated as to their First Amendment rights in one of Trutanich’s ‘approved’ diversion programs, but perhaps because Palma was a reporter, she was not offered Trutanich’s First Amendment re-education.

Trutnanich, who was either too busy campaigning, or too afraid to face the press personally, used a spokesperson to respond to questions about the ‘special’ treatment doled out to Palma. The comment issued on behalf of Trutanich was that “he did not know why Palma was not offered diversion,” but that Trutanich feels that “this case has come to a satisfactory conclusion and there is nothing more to comment on at this time,” the spokesperson said.

Trutanich, it seems, is not content with just using ‘re-education’ to deal with the Occupiers. According to the Los Angeles Times, ‘Trutanich is considering a lawsuit against the protesters, one that would seek reimbursement for damage caused during the occupation and “is contemplating any and all of its options,” said William Carter, Trutanich’s chief deputy.’

The costs that the City of Los Angeles incurred as a result of the Occupy Los Angeles protest is proving hard to nail down. The Times reported that it has cost the city at least $2.35 million, not counting repairs to the lawn and fountain outside City Hall, according to a report issued Friday. However, the City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said that “some city workers who were assigned to the protest would have been on duty anyway” and therefore  could not be considered as an additional cost of dealing with the Occupiers.

Whatever portion of the $2.35M is ultimately determined to be attributable to the Occupiers, one thing seems certain; the Occupiers will not be able to pay. They certainly could not pay their bail, so how could they possibly pay their share of that $2.35M?

Under Trutanich’s plan, it is believed that each of the 300 Occupiers arrested by the  LAPD would be ‘jointly and severally liable’ for the $2.35M bill, meaning that they would be forced into bankruptcy, or at a minimum, have their credit ruined by such a huge unpaid judgment debt. It would be a hollow victory for the City, not only because no actual money would be recovered, but because the City would also incur the additional cost of having Trutanich pursue 300 pointless cases.

However, Trutanich is poised to ‘officially’ announce that he is running for District Attorney. His personal need to keep his name in the headlines is likely to override any concern that the cost of bankrupting the Occupiers will cost the City even more money.

It also won’t be the first time that Trutanich has wasted taxpayer resources to promote himself. Shortly after taking office, Trutanich launched a year-long ‘criminal aspects’ investigation into AEG’s handling of the Michael Jackson memorial. Trutanich dropped his investigation without comment, and has never revealed the costs of that investigation. However, the controversy that Trutanich generated kept his name in the headlines for almost six months, at taxpayers’ expense.

With Trutanich’s proven track record as a ‘grandstander’ and his personal need to achieve publicity to further his political career, it seems likely that Trutanich will seek to financially ruin the Occupiers, as well as the taxpayers of Los Angeles, who have to fund his fiascoes.

Trutanich, for his part, frequently complains that the City Council has cut his budget. Perhaps we can now see the reason why. Trutanich, it seems, is too willing to waste the City’s money on side shows to further his political career, than doing the job he once promised to do.


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Cooley Cools It With Trutanich – It’s Official, Trutanich “Not Up To The Job!”

Although the Dragnet first reported the breakdown in the close relationship between LA District Attorney Steve Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, it took a little time for the mainstream media to confirm the rumor.

It's over - rumored rift between Cooley and Trutanich confirmed

Rick Orlov at the Los Angeles Daily News reports that “Cooley became disenchanted with Trutanich shortly after he was sworn in.”

“”It was becoming clear, across the board, that (Cooley) did not believe Trutanich was up to the job,” said a Cooley political adviser.”

Orlov’s confirmation of the bust-up of the former bffs was also picked up by Kevin Roderick at LA Observed.

Both sources report that the bust-up occurred shortly after Trutanich was sworn into office. Readers will recall that Trutanich swiftly set about defining his administration as one of sound-bites and grandstanding, with Trutanich’s ill-fated accusation of “criminal aspects” to Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG’s) handling of the Michael Jackson Memorial. This was equally swiftly followed up with Trutanich’s alleged threats to arrest Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry and a number of City employees over the granting of billboard permits at AEG’s new downtown movie complex.

Sources close to Trutanich said that they were “shocked” that within 3 days of taking office, Trutanich seemed to care little for a ‘head-to-toe” evaluation of the way the City Attorney’s Office could be improved, and was “obsessed” with taking on AEG over the Jackson Memorial with “little or no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing.”

Such internal disapproval surely found its way to Cooley, who probably also felt that Trutanich had become intoxicated with hogging the headlines instead of doing the job he was elected to do. Cooley is believed to have likened Trutanich’s antics to exceed even those of his “press release a day” predecessor Rocky Delgadillo.

The straw that probably broke the camel’s back is believed to have occurred in November 2010, when Cooley learned of Trutanich’s intention to run for District Attorney in violation of a sworn campaign pledge not to use the City Attorney’s Office as a springboard for higher office.

Apparently, Trutanich did not have the courage to reveal his intentions to Cooley, and Cooley only learned of Trutanich’s treachery when a longtime political aide informed Cooley that he had been hired to work on the Trutanich DA campaign.

Although Orlov reports that “Both sides say, for the record, there is no major rift between the two,” sources inform us on background that the pair “hardly speak” except when forced to appear at public events where both have been scheduled to appear.

Readers will recall that Trutanich recently made a complete fool of himself at an awards event for District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo when he forced his way to the podium to interrupt Cooley’s presentation – with hindsight, perhaps a clear sign of Trutanich’s desperate need for some public face time with Cooley.

For Trutanich, maintaining the facade that he has Cooley’s continued friendship is critical to his political future; either as a candidate of District Attorney, or should he fail in that endeavor and seek re-election as City Attorney. “Trutanich was only considered a credible candidate [for City Attorney] because he had Cooley’s support and approval.” an insider told us. “Without Cooley, Trutanich looks more like the Carmen the Clown image that the blogs have portrayed.”

As Cooley’s support for Jackie Lacey, the candidate Cooley believes “most qualified” to run the largest county prosecutorial agency in the nation continues to ramp up, it is likely that the rift between Cooley and Trutanich will became more obvious and apparent, likely severely limiting Trutanich’s fundraising ability.

The Street-Hassle blog has some exceptional coverage of the Trutanich-Cooley bust-up. Well worth reading.

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Carmen Trutanich District Attorney Campaign Challenged By Alan Jackson

Carmen Trutanich’s District Attorney campaign has been challenged by Alan Jackson to abide by his contract with voters to pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating “I AM A LIAR.”

The conservative blog "What Would Reagan Do?" published Alan Jackson's challenge, together with their suggestion for an newspaper advertisement Trutanich is obliged to publish.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the Alan Jackson campaign released the following statement:


The Alan Jackson Campaign calls upon Carmen Trutanich to finally tell voters whether he will honor the penalty for breaking his pledge.

Los Angeles, May 3nd – It has been over two weeks since Carmen Trutanich has broken his promise and a widely circulated pledge he signed to the voters by announcing his intentions to run for District Attorney. Trutanich has remained silent on whether he will honor the penalty for breaking his pledge. The Jackson campaign is calling upon Mr. Trutanich to address this important issue and let the voters know whether or not they can count on him to honor his sworn promise.

The pledge stipulates that if Trutanich breaks his promise to serve two terms as City Attorney and not seek higher office, he must pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating ‘I AM A LIAR’.

The Jackson campaign has launched a timer counting the hours that Carmen Trutanich has left the question of honoring his word unanswered. Visit www.thetrufacts.comto watch the time tick by. The campaign has also listed contact information for the advertising departments of several major newspapers to facilitate Mr. Trutanich’s taking out the “I AM A LIAR” ads.

“Will Carmen Trutanich honor the penalty for breaking his pledge or not? We deserve our next DA to be a man of his word, not another career politician who will say or sign anything to get elected,” stated political consultant John S. Thomas.

“Voters deserve to have elected officials with integrity. Until Mr. Trutanich responds to voters that he will keep his promise, his integrity remains in question,” Thomas added.

Over two weeks ago the Jackson campaign launched a web video highlighting Carmen Trutanich’s “Pledge to Serve” and multiple public statements in which Trutanich swore during his campaign for City Attorney he would not seek higher office, specifically District Attorney. Please see www.thetrufacts.com to view the video.

Click below to view Carmen Trutanich’s original “Pledge to Serve.”

Alan Jackson has been a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office for over 16 years where he has tried nearly 60 felony cases, more than half of which have been murder trials.  He spent five years prosecuting hardcore gang cases in Compton, after which he moved to the Major Crimes Division where he has led the prosecution in some of California’s highest profile cases. Prior to becoming a Deputy DA, Jackson served in the United States Air Force as a Jet mechanic. Currently, Jackson serves as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division where he oversees the office’s most complex and high-profile cases.

# # #

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DA Candidates – The First Poll

After Wednesday’s Carmen Trutanich scandal, we thought something less serious would be appropriate today.

With the June 5, 2012 primary election still a fair way off, and campaign finance reports not due until June 30, 2011, we were wondering how the candidates are doing. We thought that a poll might be interesting but as we’re too mean to pay anyone for anything, we thought could use the number of friends each candidate has on FaceBook to give you a snapshot of how the candidates rank.

Bobby Grace

Bobby Grace is in first place with 511 FaceBook friends. If you want to boost Booby’s lead, go to his website: http://www.bobbygrace4da.com/ and click the Facebook button. Bobby will friend you if he can take a break from winning back to back trials.

Mario Trujillo

Second place goes to Mario Trujillo (aka the Million Dollar Man) with 448 FaceBook friends. You can close the gap and maybe even put Mario in the lead by clicking the FaceBook button at his website:http://www.mariotrujilloforda.com/. Mario will friend you if he can take a break from counting money, making calls and campaigning like an old hand.

Alan Jackson

In third place Alan Jackson has 179 FaceBook friends. Alan’s got some work to do to close the gap, so go to his website: http://www.alanjacksonforda.com/ and show your support. Alan will friend you if he can take a break from calling on Sheriff Baca to withdraw his support for Carmen Trutanich’s fake campaign website.

Danette Meyers

Forth placed Danette Meyers has 171 FaceBook friends and you can help her by going to her website: http://www.danetteforda.com/ and clicking on her FaceBook button. Danette will gladly friend you if she can take a break from, yes, you guessed it, the never-ending Lindsay Lohan case!

Jackie Lacey

Fifth placed Jackie Lacey has a lot of catching up to do. You could go to her website: http://www.jackielacey.com/ but as she hasn’t got a FaceBook button there (yet), go straight to her FaceBook page and ask to be her friend. Jackie will friend you if she can take a break from wondering when Steve Cooley is going to endorse her!

Carmen Trutanich

Last place goes to Carmen. He has no friends, well actually he has no FaceBook button on his fake website: http://www.drafttrutanich4da.com/.  But considering that he also does not have the required Fair Political Practices Commission disclosure statement there either, perhaps he doesn’t need any fake friends. If and when Carmen goes legit with the website, he’ll have a FaceBook friend button you can click, and Carmen will leap right out of your laptop, grab you in a bear hug, and friend you in an instant.

So congratulations Bobby Grace on leading the FaceBook Friend Polls for now, we’ll revisit this next time it’s a slow news day.

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