No-Shows at Trutanich election party spells doom for runoff

The Los Angles Dragnet reports: The mood was said to be ‘upbeat’ in Studio City at Carmen Trutanich’s election party Tuesday night, despite the 6,000 lb gorilla in the room; nobody of any significance showed up.

Trutanich’s verbal remarks to the press following his poor showing in the election were upbeat, body language not so much (Credit: LA Daily News)

Yes, Roco’s Pizza rocked the night away with a small crowd of family members and loyal supporters, but no big names in LA politics were anywhere to be seen. It’s a long downhill road from Trutanich’s 2009 primary election party a few doors away when DAs Steve Cooley, Robert Philibosian, Sheriff Lee Baca, Councilmember Dennis Zine, and a host of leading LA civic leaders showed their support.

Four years later, the big names stayed far, far away. A photo gallery published by the LA Daily News revealed just how alone and unwanted Carmen ‘I am a lair’ Trutanich now is. He only had his family (who live on his salary), and a handful of supporters in attendance to witness the slow-motion train wreck that is the Trutanich re-election campaign. When the vote-counting was done, long after the party ended, Trutanich was 14 points behind frontrunner Mike Feuer, who did so well that he actually came within 6 points of winning the primary election outright.

According to the LA Times, Trutanich and Feuer have wasted no time in ‘gearing up’ their campaigns for the runoff election. Feuer is doubtless cashing in on the pledges of support donors made when he was unable to accept more campaign contributions after he reached the campaign finance limit. He will likely easily raise the maximum for the runoff, buoyed by his strong showing in the primary. More importantly, he will also likely benefit from huge independent expenditures from fence-sitting groups like the Police Protective League who were waiting to see just how damaged Trutanich was. Now they know.

Over at the Trutanich camp, the ‘gearing up’ is likely falling on deaf ears. Raising money to try to challenge Feuer is going to be an uphill, if not impossible, struggle. As KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre said ‘Once you’ve got the big ‘L’ for ‘LOSER,’ the scarlet ‘L’ tagged on you, it’s real hard to get anybody to write fresh checks.’ 

Trutanich also cannot count on former supporters like DA Steve Cooley to stand by him. The rift between the two started when Trutanich ignored advice from Cooley not to run for DA in violation of his promise to voters, something Cooley said was ‘very telling and that the promise was too important to be dismissed as a mere ‘campaign ploy.’

The rift is understood to have become ‘irreparable’ after Trutanich reported Cooley to Attorney General Kamala Harris, claiming his DA personnel file had been deliberately mislaid. Trutanich falsely accused Cooley of ‘suspicious political activity‘ implying that his DA file would support his false claim to have been surrounded and shot at by gang membersduring his short career as a prosecutor in the 1980’s. Unfortunately for Trutanich, the LA Times proved that he had known his file was missing four years before he complained about it.

Trutanich, in a desperate bid to distance himself from the string of false claims that marked him as ‘truth challenged,‘ has recently attempted to blame his former campaign consultant for ‘bad political advice.’ However, Trutanich never once repudiated those false claims, nor has he apologized for them.

The loss of Cooley as a supporter is likely terminal to Trutanich’s political aspirations. In 2009, Trutanich took full advantage of the respectability and credibility Cooley brought to his candidacy, using Cooley to co-chair fundraising that yielded close to $3M in the campaign. Left to his own devices, Trutanich raised just $337,035 in monetary contributions for his reelection campaign.

With the countdown clock to the May 21, 2013 runoff election running, few are likely to view  Trutanich’s chances of avoiding another humiliating defeat as worthy of their support.

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Anti-Trutanich tsunami set to sweep failed career politician out of office

From the Los Angeles Dragnet’s main site:

First ripples of an anti-Trutanich tsunami gives pause to would be supporters

An editorial in Friday’s Los Angeles Downtown News is likely the first sign of a tsunami of hard-hitting media condemnation aimed at City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s narcissistic ambition to become District Attorney.

The editorial, ‘Which way in L.A., Nuch?’, takes several swings at Trutanich not only for reneging on his Pledge to Serve as City Attorney, but also for the way that his eighteen-month long stealth campaign to become District Attorney has damaged the City Attorney’s Office.

The LA Downtown News says that ‘It is time for Trutanich to publicly declare whether he’ll run again for City Attorney in 2013,’  and that he ‘has been waffling for a long time now.’ because ‘he knows the minute he declares, he’ll be the target of negative campaigning’ from other candidates. The Downtown News is right. Not only has District Attorney Alan Jackson already taken the lead in attacking Trutanich with the satirical ‘Election Hangover Part 2’ video that is ‘going viral’ on YouTube, but now it seems the media are poised to take a more in-depth look at the way Trutanich’s ‘waffling’ has damaged the City Attorney’s Office.

‘By waffling over his future, Trutanich automatically injects a level of instability into the department he heads. People get nervous and distracted when they don’t know who their boss is going to be.’ The LA Downtown News said, adding that ‘This makes it almost irresponsible that Trutanich is not declaring.’ and that ‘Declining to state his intentions is not leadership. This is what we expect from career politicians eager to ensure that they have a high-paying civic job.’ and concluding that Trutanich’s ‘behavior impacts many other people. His indecision is bad for the city attorney’s office. His indecision is bad for the residents of Los Angeles.’

While regular readers of the Dragnet won’t be surprised by the comments in the L.A. Downtown News, what is surprising, indeed encouraging, is that the local media are starting to connect the dots between Trutanich’s narcissistic pursuit of higher political office, and the string of leadership failures at the City Attorney’s Office. The most recent example of such a failure was the collapse of the Occupy LA prosecutions which saw Trutanich pathetically trying to lay off the blame for his failure on the LAPD. Most insiders agree that Trutanich was too focused on leading his political campaign than doing his elected job.

Sources tell the Dragnet that almost every local media source is working on similar articles and editorials. It’s a tsunami of such awesome might that it will easily overwhelm Trutanich’s campaign warchest and leave Trutanich not only floundering in his quest to shake down more campaign contributions from special interests who do business with the city, but lacking in key endorsements from groups who do not want to be seen as ‘guilty by association’ with a failed politician.

The ripples from the imminent media tsunami is apparently already giving pause to several key law enforcement and organized labor groups, the support of which Trutanich had taken for granted. While Friday is typically a sleepy day in politics, the L.A. Downtown News editorial is said to have caused a flurry of panic calls, text messages and emails as the former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician desperately sought to put out fires caused by the shocking revelations in the editorial.

If the reaction to the L.A. Downtown News editorial is anything to go by, then Trutanich is in deep trouble. His 2009 victory owed as much to the support he enjoyed from DA Steve Cooley as it did to the relentless media attacks on Trutanich’s opponent; career politician Councilmember Jack Weiss. Now Trutanich finds himself in the same position as Weiss – Cooley has withdrawn his support, and the media are focusing on the feckless failures of a narcissistic career politician; Carmen Trutanich.

The anti-Trutanich tsunami is coming and the thin-skinned embattled City Attorney has already proved incapable of fighting it, as seen by his empty threat to sue Alan Jackson over the ‘Election Hangover Part 2’ video. By the time the tsunami hits the political shores in May 2012, about a month ahead of the primary election, it will have gained the devastating force necessary to sweep Trutanich into the political wilderness.

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Is Trutanich’s ‘Gentle Ban’ on medical marijuana a ‘Jackboot’ solution and a ‘Goose Step’ in the wrong direction?

Opinion from the Los Angeles Dragnet on City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s latest ‘Jackboot’ policy to ban medical marijuana.

They say that the third time’s the charm, but it seems that’s not the case when it comes to Carmen Trutanich’s three attempts to create laws to protect legitimate medical marijuana patients. In reality his laws were, in effect, thinly and poorly disguised attempts to defy the state’s permissive medical marijuana laws. The first two were struck down as ‘unconstitutional.’ A third, proposes a lottery to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, but it too seems unlikely to pass legal muster.

Truanich favors a 'Jackboot' solution to medical marijuana

Faced with further proof that he fundamentally cannot cope with complex legal issues, and perhaps in an effort to avoid a ‘Three strikes and you’re out’ analogy, Trutanich made a rare appearance at the Public Safety Committee on Friday, January 13, 2012. His recommendation was the abandonment of any regulation whatsoever in favor of an outright ban; the ‘Jackboot’ approach that seems to be his solution to legal issues beyond his legal capabilities.

The move towards another ‘scorched earth’ outright ban should not surprise those who have seen the way the part-time, night-time, unaccredited law school educated former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician has struggled and failed to cope with complex legal issues. His frustration at his own ineptitude is likely the cause of his thuggish, bully-boy behavior as witnessed in the now infamous screaming session at a Town Hall meeting on medical marijuana.

Trutanich screams at Kathryn, a cancer patient, over medical marijuana

Perhaps the way the City Attorney berated Kathryn, a cancer patient who uses medical marijuana, should have tipped-off observers that Trutanich’s thin-skinned super-ego cannot handle being challenged, questioned or criticized. Kathryn was barely able to complete a sentence challenging his Voodoo science conclusions about pesticide in marijuana before the ‘lost it’ and interrupted Kathryn repeatedly screaming “Wrong! You’re wrong!” mocking the shocked woman urging her to “go home and feed your children insecticide and lead toys,” and telling her to “Sit down and shut up.”

Kathryn wasn’t the only person shocked at Trutanich’s short temper and thug-like behavior. His own handlers promptly made the decision not to allow him to appear in public meetings where his failed logic can be challenged, perhaps explaining why he did not appear at the recent District Attorney candidates’ forum.

But if Trutanich’s short temper and rapid resort to bullying was not evident at Friday’s Public Safety Committee meeting, his well documented struggle with the concept of truth was. He described his solution to his failed laws as a ‘Gentle ban’ on medical marijuana that would “allow patients and caregivers to cultivate and have access to marijuana.” Of course, what he did not say is that his so-called ‘Gentle ban’ is nothing more than the a rehash ‘cut and paste’ of the 1996 Prop 215 Compassionate Use Act, and is completely devoid of any of the provisions of the later 2003 SB420, the Medical Marijuana Program Act.

It’s yet another example of the duplicity and deception that has characterized the Trutanich regime. As the City Attorney, he was charged with the task of carrying out the will of the City Council in formulating a workable law to allow patients to obtain medical marijuana from dispensaries. But instead of pushing the envelope and creating a permissive law, he promulgated laws that were doomed to fail because they expressed his own restrictive and, as was seen by his behavior towards Kathryn, dismissive view of medical marijuana.

Sarah Armstrong, a medical marijuana advocate who helps run a dispensary in Reseda, told the LA Times that she decried Trutanich’s proposal and said she and others have been trying for years to get the city to adopt a workable ordinance. She said that hundreds of ‘rogue’ dispensaries that have opened up in recent years have given a bad rap to older, more responsible operations that want to follow the law and cooperate with the city. “We’re tired of being tarred with the same brush,” she said.

She dismissed the proposed prohibition as politically motivated because of Trutanich’s District Attorney aspirations. Armstrong said “there’s no such thing as a gentle ban.” She is right, and Trutanich knows it, but he hasn’t got the decency to say it, nor the legal ability to solve the problem.

The next District Attorney for Los Angeles County will have to offer voters more than ‘Jackboot’ solutions to law enforcement problems, and have greater respect for cancer patients who have neither the time, ability or capacity to ‘grow their own.’ Trutanich’s ‘Gentle ban’ is not a solution, it is a regressive goose-step back into the dark ages. Los Angeles deserves better than anything this clown has to offer.

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Cry Baby Trutanich blames LAPD for collapse of Occupy LA prosecutions

A ‘thin-skinned’ City Attorney Carmen Trutanich lashed out at criticism of his poor managerial abilities by blaming the Los Angeles Police Department for dismissal of ‘many cases’ against the Occupy LA protesters.

The blame-shift game started after the LA Weekly exclusively reported that ‘many cases’ had been dismissed by the courts as the City Attorney’s office was ‘unprepared and unable’ to proceed with trials against the protesters within the statutory 30-day period.

It did not take long for the internet to become abuzz with comments that if Trutanich could not handle the prosecution of what were basically very simple cases, he was unfit to be District Attorney. It was a story that would not go away as thousands of Twitter messages rebroadcast the collapse of the Occupy LA prosecutions.

Speculation grew that the LA Weekly had been ‘tipped off’ by sources within the City Attorney’s Office. Such whistle-blowing was routine during the Rocky Delgadillo administration, and it seems things have not changed. According to sources, Trutanich was desperate to ‘put out the fires’ as his Blackberry repeatedly chirped a new comment questioning his leadership and competence, and he reached out to as many media sources as possible to try to explain the collapse of his promised prosecutions.

It seems that only the Daily News was willing to listen and publish his lame excuse. In what appears to be a cry-baby piece of blame-shifting from the wannabe tough guy, he pointed the finger at the Los Angeles Police Department . Rather than shoulder the responsibility for his failures, Trutanich blamed paperwork errors made by police officers during the Nov. 30 raid” for the embarrassing collapse of his cases.

Reaction to the cowardly excuse was swift. District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson’s strategist, John S. Thomas, said, “The next District Attorney needs to stand with law enforcement, not throw them under the bus when it is politically convenient. Mr. Trutanich appears to be too busy collecting special interest cash and exploiting his elected position with city contractors to run the City Attorney’s office. Not only did Trutanich throw the police under the bus, he backed up and ran over them again.”

The Jackson campaign’s questioning of how the City Attorney prioritizes his time is, perhaps, not surprising. Trutanich had thirty days to prepare these cases for trial by carefully examining the evidence presented by the LAPD at the time the cases were filed. If there were any failures in the ‘paperwork,” these should have been identified and either corrected or the case should not have been brought to trial. But the fundraising activities of the City Attorney in his effort to raise over $1M for his District Attorney campaign by December 2011, may well have taken priority over his duties at the office.

The willingness of Trutanich to blame the LAPD for the collapse of his cases may also signal another impending failure in his District Attorney campaign. All District Attorney candidates have been working hard to secure key endorsements from law enforcement. Throwing law enforcement ‘under the bus’ to cover his thin-skinned ego is unlikely to help Trutanich in wowing LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, or the all-important LAPPL  Los Angeles Police Protective League to endorse him.

While Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca has ‘supported’ Trutanich’s bid for DA, he has drawn short of an endorsement, and this latest act of cry-baby cowardice is unlikely to make that happen any time soon. Equally, ALADS, the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, were rumored to be strongly considering endorsing Alan Jackson despite Baca’s stated allegiance, and once word of the cry-baby antics of the City Attorney becomes know, Jackson’s chances look to be much improved.

But as for the remaining Occupy LA cases, and the fuss recently made about plans to sue the Occupy LA protesters to recover the city’s expenses, the collapse of these cases will do little to improve Trutanich’s chances of scoring any political points there. As one comment on Twitter perhaps best summed it up, ‘he can talk the talk, but he cannot walk the walk.’


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Trutanich’s credibility crumbles. Jackson soars in San Fernando Valley

As Wednesday’s LA Weekly’s exclusive shows,  Los Angeles District Attorney wannabe, Carmen Trutanich, hasn’t got what it takes to prosecute the Occupy LA protesters, and has had to dismiss ‘many cases.’

Proving, once again, that he can talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk, the former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician appears to be responsible for a screw up of biblical proportions, due to his failure to understand that the law requires a prosecution within a set time frame; the so-called Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. In simple terms he was not prepared, was not ready, did not have witnesses and was missing paperwork. The cases were dismissed because despite all of Trutanich’s tough talk, he screwed up.

Trutanich’s screw up is so fundamental that it will likely undermine whatever little credibility he had with the City Council, who he was going to ‘advise’ about suing and bankrupting the Occupy LA protesters. The seeds of doubt about Trutanich’s credibility were sown not so long ago when he delivered his infamous ‘criminal aspects’ speech. The promised investigation into the crimes Trutanich implied were committed by AEG in their handling of the Michael Jackson memorial, went on for a year at untold cost, and then quietly went away with no word from the self-proclaimed ‘tough guy’ of City Hall.

Unlike the ‘criminal aspects’ scandal, the collapse of the Occupy LA protest cases came more quickly than Trutanich may have expected. When the ‘criminal aspects’ investigation collapsed, most Los Angelenos couldn’t even remember what all the fuss was about.  But the situation is markedly different with the Occupy LA protesters, and the public humiliation of the City Attorney’s Office due to it’s poor leadership, will not be quickly forgotten.

Alan Jackson soars in San Fernando Valley

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson received a rousing welcome at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday night in marked contrast to the booing, jeering and hissing that previously met Carmen Trutanich at the last meeting. According to sources, while Trutanich was asked to leave ‘before things got out of hand,’ Jackson was not only cheered but stayed late into the night talking to his voter base.

No doubt buoyed by his recent ‘deal sealing’ endorsement by Gov. Pete Wilson, the crowded assembly room warmly embraced Jackson who spoke of his record of successes in handling complex high-profile trials as well as his commitment to the core values of the District Attorney’s Office.

Jackson is the only Republican in he race and is expected to win a place in the run-off election that will follow the June 5, 2012 primary.

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Trutanich’s top 10 blunders of 2011 – an Annus Horribilis

The Los Angeles Dragnet published their list of Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s top ten blunders of 2011.

2011 may well have been an Annus Horribilis for some of the targets of the Dragnet’s coverage, but with close to 100,000 pageviews in 2011, it looks like the Los Angeles Dragnet has become a go-to source for the stories that politicians probably hope will quietly go away, stories that the mainstream media misses, and the background to some of those stories showing things are not always as they seem.

As we prepare to bid farewell to 2011, we take a reflective look at our ten most-read stories of 2011. Surprisingly, we find that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich features heavily in our list of of blunders, lies and deception, sometimes also referred to as Los Angeles politics.

10. Trutanich Lies About ACE Program on Kevin James Show – Adds Plagiarism To His Shame List 

City Attorney Carmen Tutanich has been hawking the ACE Program as the panacea for LA’s fiscal and enforcement troubles for over a year now. But the City Council seems reluctant to accept Trutanich’s hollow assurances that the his fiscal solution is not simply another of his shakedowns stealthily designed to give him more power while denying residents their due process rights.

That reluctance appears to have gained strength as a result of the Dragnet’s revelation that Trutanich lied about the origins of ‘his’ program on the Kevin James radio show. If and when Trutanich’s ACE Program has its showdown in the horseshoe, Trutanich is likely to be personally summoned to appear before the Council in public session, confronted with an audio recording of his lies, and asked the $64M question, “What else are you lying about?” It could be a long and embarrassing session.

In all likelihood, Trutanich has backed-off pushing ‘his’ ACE as a result of the impending thumbs-down. His own lies may have killed his own bill.

9. Trutanich: “I am not a thug!”

The Dragnet cannot claim all the credit for this story, straight out of the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ category of foot in the mouth statements. It was LA Weekly’s intrepid reporter, Gene Maddaus, who accepted an invitation to dine with Trutanich at a Mafioso-style East LA eatery where Trutanich likes to hold court, perhaps like a scene from Goodfellas. Trutanich, it seems, was doing his level best to convince the LA Weekly that he was not being a bully over his threats to send ‘professional’ protesters to jail ‘for a year,’ but it appears that Trutanich was unable to con-vince Maddaus.

Trutanich, apparently ‘lost it’ as his frustration boiled over (“growing annoyed” is Maddaus related), and he blurted out his Nixonesque quote “I am not a thug!” as if that would improve things. It is not clear whether Trutanich also banged the Formica table top for emphasis while spitting out food as he made the fateful admission.

In what was an equally failure-bound attempt to rescue Trutanich from the ever deepening hole he was digging for himself, Trutanich’s Chief Deputy then blurted out “Y’know, Nuch is actually an intellectual.” It seems that Maddaus was not convinced. There are many things people may believe about Trutanich, being an intellectual is not one of them.

8. District Attorney Hopeful Mario Trujillo Honored – Trutanich Crashes the Party

While members of the South East District Bar Association gathered to honor District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo with the ‘Attorney of the Year’ award, the proceedings were rudely interrupted by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who bullied his way to the podium armed with a bunch of cheesy calligraphic scrolls.

The audience reaction to Trutanich’s uninvited, crass and reportedly inarticulate rambling speech left little doubt that Trutanich was no longer welcome in the community that had previously supported him.

7. ‘Thin skinned’ Trutanich threatens to sue Alan Jackson over use of campaign photo

Proving, once again, that he has a very limited understanding of First Amendment issues, Trutanich tried and failed to bully District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson into removing a campaign photograph from the less than flattering ‘Election Hangover Part II’ video showing how Trutanich has reneged on his many promises not to use the City Attorney’s Office as a political stepping stone to the DA’s Office.

We display the video that Trutanich doesn’t want you to see here, complete with the less than half-second display of the campaign photograph forming the core of Trutanich’s pathetic threat.

Ironically, Trutanich’s failed threat succeeded in in one way, it gave the Jackson campaign’s political advert a second lease of life, more than doubling the number of views.

6. Trutanich chicken’s out of DA Candidates’ Forum. Sends City payroll spy

The first District Attorney candidate’s forum gave an insight to the varied campaign platforms of the declared candidates. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich failed to appear, at first lying that ‘he had not been invited,’ then clarifying that lie with another ‘he had not been officially invited.’

Either way, Trutanich saw fit to dispatch a spy to report back on the event, another crass move that perhaps belies the way Trutanich plans to conduct his campaign.

5. Trutanich’s ‘Porcupine Defense’ explains City Attorney’s losing streak

A string of heavy loses by Trutanich’s lawyers was first explained by him as being due to “blunders” by his lawyers, however, as Trutanich explained to a confused reporter, it appears that Trutanich’s childhood schoolyard bully strategy may be to blame.

It’s called the “Porcupine Defense’ by Trutanich, and it is likely that his insistence at sending his attorneys into trials that are destined to be lost, cost taxpayers around $20M in 2011.

4. Trutanich uses “My son was injured in Iraq” lie to avoid answering questions about District Attorney campaign

How low can you go, Mr. Trutanich? That’s the question that perhaps should have been asked by KRLA talk show host Kevin James after Trutanich imp-lied that he was too busy taking care of his son who had been injured in Iraq to even think about running for District Attorney.

The “injury” may have occurred in Iraq while his son, an Assistant US Attorney was on a civilian assignment there. However it was not a field of combat injury; his son is not in the military. It was, apparently, a sports injury arising from a friendly game. Of course, that’s probably “friendly fire” in Trutanich-speak.

Trutanich’s willingness to mislead listeners into thinking that he had some connection to the families of the brave men and women in our military who are injured in the service of their country is beneath contempt. It goes to the very core of who Trutanich is and what he will do to mislead and deceive.

3. City Attorney “Family” BBQ Bombs -Trutanich lies about Bryan Stowe beating

The annual City Attorney’s Office Family BBQ was a huge ‘stay away’ for hundreds of staffers and their families who silently protested Trutanich’s reckless mismanagement which has caused layoffs, work furloughs and pay cuts, while Trutanich steadfastly refuses to take a matching pay cut. Significantly, many former political supporters also stayed away from the Trutanich train wreck.

Faced with embarrassingly low numbers expected for Trutanich’s BBQ, the former ambulance chaser plaintiff’s attorney turned career politician used a radio interview on AM570 KLAC Sports Radio’s Petros and Money show to pimp the BBQ to the audience, even though the event was not open to the public.

But as if to highlight the hypocrisy and deceit that has become synonymous with Trutanich, he could not resist the opportunity to lie about his involvement in the investigation into the prosecution of those responsible for the Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium beating. When asked “how’s the prosecution going to proceed?” he said “We’re moving forward with that case.” Trutanich AM570KLAC Grandstands about Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium Beating by LA Dragnet

It’s pathetic. Trutanich has absolutely no involvement with the prosecution of that case. That’s because the life-threatening beating suffered by Bryan Stowe is a felony crime, and Trutanich as City Attorney does not prosecute serious and violent crimes.

Trutanich probably wanted to give the impression that he is in someway involved.  It does seem that Trutanich prefers to mislead people as to the difference between misdemeanor and felony crimes to make himself appear relevant where he is not.

2. Trutanich RentGate Story Fails To Explain Missing Rent Payments

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s apparent failure to fully report the identity of the person or persons who paid the rent for his Ventura Blvd. campaign headquarters was the subject of the RentGate scandal, exposed by the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise.

Whether the under-reported or unreported payment of rent constitutes illegal campaign donations is believed to be a mater that the City Ethics Commission will review. The record of rent payments appearing in Trutanich’s campaign finance documents appears to be less than complete, and the explanation offered by Trutanich is equally incomplete. We cannot say with any certainty whether there are ‘criminal aspects’ to this matter, even if Trutanich seems perfectly comfortable with the use of that phrase.

1. BillboardGate – Trutanich Billboard Blunder?

Top of the scandal stories of 2011 was the shattering revelation that, while playing the part of bully and thug tough-guy on illegal billboards, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich had, for two years, displayed illegal off-site billboards outside his former campaign headquarters on Ventura Blvd.

The scandal sent Trutanich into a tailspin of stories as he tried to distance himself from the scandal, even stooping so low as to claim in a statement to the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise that “the determination of the signs’ legality is not one that is made by his office.”

Despite the best efforts of Trutanich to defend his billboards, a statement by one-time supporter Dennis Hathaway, president of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight, that “the signs should be taken down since the ’09 election was two years ago,” appeared to end any doubt whatsoever that Trutanich was in violation of his own law. Trutanich removed his  illegal billboards before any enforcement action was necessary.

If BillboardGate proved anything, it was that Trutanich fails when the public becomes aware of his duplicity and deception. Without doubt, Trutanich’s defeat over his illegal billboards occurred because the media paid attention to his double standards and double-speak.

Happy New Year Dragnet readers!

The Los Angeles Dragnet may have contributed to making 2011 an Annus Horribilis for Carmen ‘the Clown’ Trutanich, and as he ramps up his shenanigans for his District Attorney campaign, be assured that the Dragnet will do its best to repeat the compliment.

We take this opportunity to thank our growing readership for their support in 2011, and look forward to providing you with the same quality of reporting in the all important election year ahead.


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Trutanich ‘Wrong’ according to LA Times

From the Los Angeles Dragnet

The Los Angeles Times today issued a withering condemnation of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s expected DA campaign platform – bankrupting the Occupy LA protesters in order to boost his profile ahead of his confession that he is running for District Attorney.

It’s a cheap stunt, something one can now routinely expect from Trutanich, but this time the victim of Trutanich’s plan to make people pay for public gatherings and expressions of free speech is not a wealthy corporation like AEG, it’s hundreds of jobless, homeless and hopeless Occupy LA protesters who could not even afford to bail themselves out of jail.

In addition to the LA Times’ editorial condemnation of Trutanich, the Times also published a Ted Rall cartoon exposing Trutanich as an anti-free speech shakedown conman.

The LA Times published this Ted Rall cartoon portraying Trutanich as an ant-free speech conman. (Credit LA Times/Ted Rall)

That the LA Times appears so willing to issue such an unequivocal condemnation of Trutanich is likely to be seen as a harbinger of media reaction to Trutanich’s campaign to become District Attorney.

Gone are the days that Trutanich could count on the media to support him as the ‘anti-business as usual’ candidate. Instead, they now appear to view him not only as the antithesis of everything he said he stood for, but as an anti free speech terrorist and a grandstanding blowhard who will do anything to get his name in the press.

Trutanich’s plan to sue and bankrupt the Occupy LA protesters will likely cost the City of LA much more than his failed ‘criminal aspects’ investigation into AEG’s handling of the Michael Jackson memorial. Trutanich has refused to disclose the costs of his year-long fiasco of an investigation, but based on his own comments to City Council, his Bureau of Investigations was fully occupied in trying to find an apparently non-existent crime. For Trutanich, the costs were probably not a consideration compared with the publicity it generated for him.

But if Trutanich thinks victimizing the Occupy LA protesters with another ‘criminal aspects’ sideshow will work again to help his campaign to become District Attorney, he appears to have made a big mistake. Trutanich has made bullying threats too often, and like the boy who cried wolf, his credibility is in the toilet, and the media are not afraid to say it.

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